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A Mac app that submits Radars to Apple

What is QuickRadar?

Every Mac or iOS developer knows that they should file Radars with Apple whenever things don't work the way they should, but having to interrupt the flow of your work in order to open Apple's bug reporter means that many bugs go unreported. Many people have tried to make Radar work better, in various ways. Here's another attempt.

Apple's online bug reporter is slow, and requires you to log in each time you want to use it, making filing bugs a slow process. QuickRadar runs in the background on your Mac, giving you a keyboard shortcut to instantly open a window to type your bug report.

What's the status?

QuickRadar is in the early stages at the moment. It logs in and lets you submit radars, but if anything goes wrong it has very little error reporting. It doesn't deal with file uploads (as are required for some of the crashing bugs). There are other rough edges.

If you want to play with it anyway, head over to the download page.

Version 0.8 (released 9th Oct 2013) fixes QuickRadar to work with the new Apple Radar website.

What's the roadmap?

At this stage, who can say? It depends how much free time I (and any other contributors) have.

How can I get involved?

Fork the repository on GitHub and hack away! The code is all BSD licensed.

I'm currently working on documenting some of the architectural stuff. More to follow.

If you don't want to dive into the code, you can post issues and feature requests on the issue tracker. Do let me know what sort of things you would like to see in QuickRadar!

Who's the developer?

QuickRadar was developed by Amy Worrall, with contributions from other developers via our GitHub project.